Sports Injury Fix Closure

Sports Injury Fix Closure

Sports Injury Fix is closing, Rehab Guru can help!

Sports Injury Fix Closure

Sports Injury Fix is closing, Rehab Guru can help!

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On the 8th March 22, Sports Injury Fix (SIF) users were given the worrying news that SIF platform and the associated Safety-net & sifCPD services are to close on 31st March 22.

We understand that hundreds of business owners are now worrying about their data, their business, and crucially what to do next. Since the notification, the Rehab Guru team has sprung into action to ensure we can look after those affected by this announcement.

Below is a list of helpful information and resources on how Rehab Guru can help you through these difficult times.  

Ensure your data is safe

Firstly, you must ensure you export all your data from SIF before the 31 March 22. SIF has provided a guide on how to do this here. This process will export all your data; however, SIF does not guarantee the data quality, structure or utility. We already have several tools to support user data migration from alternative platforms to Rehab Guru. We now need to make modifications to ensure these work for SIF data.

Moving to Rehab Guru

One of the main questions business owners have from the many posts in therapist forums and groups is 'what software shall I use now?'. Well, we would recommend you choose Rehab Guru - but of course, we would, wouldn't we! We don't suggest this choice lightly. We closely monitor all competitors in the Electronic Health Record space, and we can safely say that Rehab Guru is an excellent alternative to SIF. Rehab Guru has all the features of SIF and several additional ones. We recomment adding your details to the form at the bottom of this page so we can get in touch when we are running a demonstration of the software via Webinar.

Is Rehab Guru Secure?

Rehab Guru has a significantly higher level of security certification than SIF and many of the competing companies, holding ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. Our systems undergo monthly vulnerability scanning and regular penetration testing. We choose the platforms that power our service on a long list of criteria, ensuring they have appropriate credentials and commit to regulations such as GDPR.  

You can find more about Rehab Guru's information security on our Information Security page

Support Services

Customer support is vital, and something the Rehab Guru leadership and broader team take seriously. Ultimately, your experience working with us will allow you to form your own opinion. However, over the last 12 months, our support team have literally hit the ball out of the park! We pride ourselves on our support services: a happiness rating of 99%, a first-time response rate of less than 1 hour, and an average resolution time of 6 hours. Our support team will be available throughout your migration to Rehab Guru and will hold your hand throughout!  

Once bitten, twice shy!

We get it, you chose SIF, and you've been burnt. The last thing you want to do is place your trust in another company and find yourself in the same position in 12 months.  

Firstly, Rehab Guru isn't going anywhere! The business is self-reliant and healthy, indeed we are a thriving business with many large customers, including the UK Ministry of Defence, NHS, private health insurers and 100's of private clinics around the world.

Before signing a contract with large organisations such as those listed above, a significant amount of due diligence ensures that the service selected offers longevity, security and financial health. Rest assured, some of the organisations we work with have given Rehab Guru more than a once over. Ultimately, they place their trust in us, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you have to put your mind at ease.  

What next?

This article is being written only a matter of hours following the announcement from SIF. We are working tirelessly to ensure a seamless migration path from SIF to Rehab Guru.  

We will be posting updates on our social media pages and blog in the coming days to support SIF customers. We plan to hold some Webinar sessions to demonstrate Rehab Guru's features and answer any questions you may have.  To register your interest in Rehab Guru, and be updated on any news we have on this matter; please add your details to the form at the link below:

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