Collaborating in response to public sector tenders

At Rehab Guru we are experienced in responding to large-scale tenders including the NHS and MOD. We can collaborate with you and your team to outline proposed service delivery and write high quality responses to tenders. Rehab Guru is in use at scale by personal trainers, physiotherapists, occupational health and podiatry.

What we can offer you
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Our knowledge and experience mean that Rehab Guru can work within the tendering team to provide content for the following:


At Rehab Guru we are constantly developing our platform to improve functionality and options when compared to other digital providers. Not only do we have one of the largest video exercise libraries in the world, but we also work with several NHS and academic institutions to innovate in the delivery of patient care and recovery.

We work with our customers to update the video library on a frequent basis, to ensure that we meet the specific needs of specialist clinics and patients.

Diversity and Accessibility

The models we use for our exercise videos range in age, race, sex, BMI, physical health, and ability.  Making Rehab Guru easy for patients to identify and engage with, feeling that their exercise program is achievable.

Digital Solutions

Our company is built upon providing digital solutions for best practice care and recovery at distance or in clinic. Rehab Guru is a digital enabler of integrated teams over large geographic locations, as well as being a means of sharing knowledge and specialist skills amongst hospital teams.

We offer options for standardisation of care, sharing of best practice and policies and procedures, but equally provide full flexibility and autonomy, dependent upon the requirements of the service. Our wide range of additional options includes Telehealth, digital records, online booking and integration into other management systems.

Information Governance

As a provider to the Ministry of Defence and the NHS our information governance meets the highest possible standards. We are certificated and audited for ISO27001 and SOC2. Full details of our data security can be found here


Working in collaboration with service delivery partners we can ensure that the digital solution we provide fits well within the funding envelop for the service without causing financial strain should the service see increased patient numbers.

Rapid Mobilisation at Scale

Rehab Guru is in use around the world in diverse environments ranging from clinics to areas of active military service. We deploy at both scale and speed, providing staff training and onboarding support.


Rehab Guru has provided services to the Ministry of Defence, UK and overseas since 2016. We provide both directly and indirectly to NHS trusts in hospitals and communities, as well as over 250 private clinics, professional sports clubs and performing arts professionals.

Tracking and Monitoring Outcomes and Performance

Rehab Guru offers dashboard views and report creation to track patient outcomes and staff activities. Our free patient app helps to engage the patient and give the provider valuable data on exercises completed and outcomes achieved.

“Rehab Guru continue to be a critical enabler in a number of Healthshare's innovations, which currently serve over 360K NHS patients per year across 25 CCGS and 27 Prisons”

Nick McGrath
CEO Healthshare Limited

Healthshare's work with Rehab Guru began with the inclusion of the digital exercise prescription services into our Joint Pain Advisory Clinics (JPAC) which enabled our team to consistently deliver exercise prescriptions to hundreds of patients every day.

Rehab Guru's innovative approach and high-quality execution has led to them being our first choice in providing digital exercise media, content, hosting and delivery in our projects, including the recent Innovate UK funded
Healthshare Wellbeing service, created to reduce this impact of COVID-19 on NHS waiting times.

Most impressive is Rehab Guru's ability to provide a bespoke service delivering customised solutions for our us to deploy at scale.  
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