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Our mission

Provide professional tools and services to enable the creation, distribution and management of exercise prescriptions, associated knowledge and statistical data. With the collective goal of ‘Empowering Exercise’.

What's Rehab Guru?

Rehab Guru is a comprehensive exercise prescription software allowing fitness and medical professionals to send structured exercises programmes and educational material to their clients. Utilising our platform you can hand pick exercises from our ever growing library of over 5,000 exercises. Then, simply tailor the parameters (reps, sets etc) and send them directly your clients at the touch of a button. Plus, it can be used on Desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones allowing a seamless workflow between devices. These features empower you to create and send customised programmes anytime, anywhere. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Our Story

The evolution of a stickman

Rehab Guru was founded by a team of physiotherapists, sports therapists, coaches and elite athletes who became frustrated with the lack of tools available to deliver clear exercise programs to their clients. Driven by the need to create a solution that took advantage of all the latest technologies to deliver clear, engaging and informative exercise programs, we started out on our journey to Empower Exercise.

We started with two mobile apps (android and iOS) and we were very excited to be ‘in the market’. Further down the line our customers wanted to use Guru on computers so we created a web app to make RG the only company to be available on all devices anywhere in the world. Our agile approach allowed us to create a flexible product that gained the attention British Military, who saw Rehab Guru as a means of delivery consistent and engaging exercise prescriptions across 100+ locations (over 550 therapists). This increase in user base challenged us to improve our apps further. Hence we created brand new bespoke web and mobile apps providing the best quality service in the market.

We’ve endeavoured to follow a simple mantra in the development of Rehab Guru, ‘listen to your customers, make them happy’. Even today we continually ask our community ‘if Rehab Guru could solve all your problems, what would it do?’. We sourced a dedicated team of highly skilled web developers from Europe and North America to continue with this commitment to our customers. We are proud to be the only company to create our website (code) from scratch offering agility and responsive. This affords our users an unrivalled customer service and user experience.

Communication and feedback between client and therapist are key. This is why our team of tech experts went to work on a client app that allows viewing options, feedback, and tracking data of exercise adherence. It was well received by professionals and their clients.

Our founders are still passionate about exercise and medicine. They continue to work clinically in part-time and advisory roles, which keeps them fully immersed in the ‘real-world’. These insights are key when designing new solutions for industry problems.When the specialist rehab teams within the Ministry of Defence wanted to create really unique exercises for their neuro and amputee patients, there was only one solution. We added a video uploader allowing any user of the mobile app to create an exercise with video and images straight from their tablet or phone.

We continue to develop the app with new ideas and our dedicated team of technical experts work hard every day to craft the most innovative ideas into existence for our users. We know the future is bright, because we are creating it. This is the kind of commitment you can expect from us as we continually evolve Rehab Guru and push the industry forward.




Behind the scenes

The evolution of a stickman

Exercise database

The list of possible exercises is endless and grows every day with the introduction of new equipment and techniques. We endeavour to offer our customers the exercises they need. We conduct our own research to keep ahead of the trends but we always welcome requests through our exercise request form

Exercise search optimisation

In order to deliver the right result, our team of experts includes additional information (called metadata) that allows our intelligent search algorithm to select the right exercises and delivers them in a blink of an eye. If you cannot find what you are looking for you can always create your own exercises.

Keeping our finger on the pulse

We treat our network like an elite athlete or F1 car. We monitor everything to ensure things are in tip-top condition. To say we are obsessed about our service is an understatement. Think Team Sky + Mclaren - for software.

A thriving rehab guru community

Nearly all of our team are still involved in the exercise rehabilitation industry, therefore we work with Rehab Guru users every day. There is an every increasing community that is driving Rehab Guru forwards. We look forward to welcoming you into our extended team to drive exercise prescription into the 21st century.