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We have teamed up with to streamline your scan scheduling experience. We help you book imaging for your patients that fits your needs, location, and budget.


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Refer your patients for an MRI, ultrasound or CT scan, and they’ll have the freedom to choose a scanning centre, price and appointment time that suits them best. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll have complete visibility from referral to results, all through your Rehab Guru account.

Patients are in control

Fast turnaround times

No need to write letters to doctors

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Secure storage of scan results

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A step by step process…

Create an MRI, ultrasound or CT referral via Rehab Guru's connected integration to Your patient will then receive access to’s booking platform, where they can search for a scanning centre near them, make payment, and complete their booking.’s clinical team review and verify every referral, for you and your patients’ peace of mind.

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Prescribe faster, prescribe better

Pre-made Templates

Optionally load exercises from over 280 evidence based curated templates to save you time and give you a head start.


Search, add, clone, create

Filter and search a library of over 5000 exercises and add them to your programme with a single click. Exercise creation is just as easy, simply upload video or images to create a brand new exercise, saved in your own secure exercise library.

Customise your exercise programme

Reorder, rename, edit descriptions, add parameters (i.e. reps / sets etc) and tailor every aspect of your prescription to make it perfect for your patient.



Send directly to a patient's inbox, download as PDF or print, the choice is yours. There are options to cater for every use case, even uploading prescriptions directly to a patients medical notes using our integration API.


Remotely track your patients adherence, outcomes, pain, wellness, RPE in real time allowing early intervention and data led decision making based on real outcomes.

Scanning diagnostics
ABOUT US story’s mission is to make medical imaging accessible and effortless.Their story began in 2017, when osteopath Jasper Nissim and consultant radiologist Dr Khalid Latief noticed the inefficiencies of arranging scans for their patients. When people were concerned about their health, they didn’t want to be told ‘you’re on a waiting list,’ or ‘you’ll hear back soon.’

Together with Charlie Bullock (CEO), Oliver Knight (COO) and Joe Daniels (Head of Front-End and UX), they built National MRI Scan - a web referral service to seamlessly connect patients to a nationwide network of private MRI scanners.

Within 5 years, National MRI Scan became the UK’s largest diagnostic imaging platform, with multiple imaging modalities, over 150 partner scanning centres, a wealth of patient-focused resources, and a team of experienced clinicians providing referrals and patient care. 

In 2022, National MRI Scan rebranded to and launched their innovative booking solution in the United States and Germany. In the UK, they also created a referral portal and connected integrations through trusted partner platforms for allied health professionals (AHPs) to access medical imaging in the course of treating their patients. TeamPeople helping others and Rehab Guru's mission…
It’s our mission to make high-quality and affordable medical imaging accessible to everyone. That’s why we prioritise a simple scheduling process, cost transparency, and patient education.

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Wayne Peter

“The speed at which it's all done is phenomenal and has been extremely helpful to me”

Wayne Peter
Injury & Performance

Wayne Peter, Injury Performance Education has been a huge benefit and adjunct to my clinic. The speed at which it's all done is phenomenal and has been extremely helpful to me, especially in emergency cases. I’m used to quick turnarounds from being in sport and using a private setting, but the fact it's now available and an option for the public I think is fantastic.

With the NHS being as it is, I just see people are more desperate to have answers. Sometimes scans are needed to move patients forward, but I’m not a huge fan of scanning for scanning’s sake. It is brilliant to know’s clinicians validate all scans to make sure they don't facilitate this.
MRI Scanner

What we do


Use Rehab Guru to quickly and easily refer your patients for imaging via our connected integration.’s team of experienced clinicians and GP’s review every referral - there’s no need to write to your patient’s doctor.

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Your patient receives an email which directs them to complete their booking, which includes safety questions, and past scanning history.

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Your patient has the freedom to explore scanning centres near them, compare prices, and select the options that suit them best.Compare costs between scan centers in real-time to find a location that fits your budget.

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Patients can securely pay for their booking quickly and easily using a card or PayPal.


Let's answer some questions

Some common questions people ask us about

How can I make sure I’ve selected the correct scan for my patient? have a dedicated team of clinicians, including GPs and radiologists, who review and validate every referral they receive. This is to make sure each patient receives the most suitable scan for their individual needs, and that all imaging is medically justified. Support and guidance is also available within Rehab Guru and on’s website.

How long does a diagnostic scan take?

It depends on the type of scan you're getting and which body part you’re scanning. Learn more about each diagnostic scan and their processes.

How and when will I receive the scan results?

All imaging reports are generated by experienced radiologists, and are available to view within Rehab Guru. The report will usually be uploaded within 7 working days after your patient’s scan.

How much will scans cost for my patients? offers your patients the freedom to choose a scanning centre at a convenient location near them, and compare a range of prices. The price they’ll pay depends on the location and individual scanning centre. MRI scans start from £305, ultrasound from £180, and CT from £360.

What’s the difference between diagnostic imaging, medical imaging, and diagnostic scans?

For, there is no difference. We just want to help you find the right type of medical imaging scan for your individual needs. (For consistency, the site uses "scan" to refer to any type of medical imaging.) It's quick and easy to find a scan center near you using's scan search tool.

How do I find the right medical imaging scan center for me?

Choosing the right medical scan center can be difficult, but has made it easier for you to find the right place to get diagnostic and preventive scans. You’ll be able to filter your search by location, costs, insurance carrier, and more.

How do I find a medical imaging scan center that can take my insurance?

When you search for a scan center near you, you’ll also be able to filter your search options by whether the imaging center accepts your insurance. You can also call the diagnostic scan center to confirm if your specific insurance policy will cover some or all of the cost of your scan. Find a diagnostic scan center now.

What’s the difference between diagnostic imaging, medical imaging, and scans?

For the purposes of written content, use these terms interchangeably. While built their reputation through providing accessible diagnostic imaging, they offer a range of scans and imaging applications, which can be used in a variety of contexts. All scans are reported on by an experienced radiologist, and the results can feed into a range of patient pathways, from diagnostics to treatment and preventative measures.


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