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Professional Branding

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Client Engagement

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“Our favourite feature is Rehab Guru’s bespoke client portal designs. It helps us project a professional image for our practice and in turn aids adherence and patient engagement.”
Paul Hobrough
Paul Hobrough Founder Physio&TherapyUK
"Highly engaging with great design and intuitive workflow on our computers and smart devices. Really enjoy using it!"
Stuart Croxford
Stuart Croxford ThreeZero12 Fitness PT
"I cannot recommend Rehab Guru highly enough given the benefits for businesses, clinicians, and ultimately the patient which is the professions number one focus."
Therasmart Director
Alexander Smart Director TheraSmart
"Designed by physiotherapists and rehab specialists, Rehab Guru for Enterprise brings you all the client-therapist benefits of our Pro solution."
Senior Physiotherapist Ministry of Defence
"Rehab Guru is a great app with over 4,000 exercises, allowing us to create and send bespoke programmes that met the exact need of our clients who find it very engaging."
Carl Bell
Carl Bell Physio&Therapy UK
"I really love the app, it is changing things massively"
Adrian Wagstaff
Adrian Wagstaff Clinic Director, Core Body Clinic

Designed by Experts for Experts
Features that Matter for Your Daily Obstacles

Professional Branding Apply your branding and logo to all exercise programs and client portal thanks to our unique white labelling features
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Clieny App@2X
Client Engagement App Feedback important data regarding adherence and performance metrics for greater success and compliance.
Focus in Care Increase efficiency and save yourself time by saving your favourite designed programs. Then, gain more time focus where it really matters.
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Create From Your@2X Copy
Create from your Pocket Create and save your own exercises with your smart device.
Powerful Integration Make documentation quick and easy with Rehab Guru’s integration to Electronic Health Record & Athlete Management System.
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High Compatibility Fully integrated across all platforms, devices and browsers. Allowing it to be used on new and exciting IT platforms and services
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