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Rehab Guru is a digital exercise prescription tool which allows clinicians to assigned exercise programmes and perform remote monitoring. This page aims to give those receiving Rehab Guru programmes more information about what it is and how your clinician is using it to deliver care.

What is Rehab Guru?

Rehab Guru is a tool which assists medical and sports professionals to deliver and monitor exercise programmes. You're likely to be reading this page because you have been issued such an exercise programme and you wish to learn more about why your clinician is using Rehab Guru. Firstly, over a number of years we have become a highly trusted service, delivering high quality software which was founded and remains led by experienced medical professionals. Rehab Guru is the go to platform for organisations such as the NHS and UK Ministry of Defence.

Rehab Guru provides a huge library of exercise, which are modelled by physiotherapists and strength and conditioning experts to provide a clear demonstration of how to perform the exercise. There are 100's of customisation options which allow clinicians to tailor an exercise programme to target the exact prescription which is required to treat your medical condition. This point is emphasised, as historically medical professionals have lacked the tools to create bespoke and individualised exercise programmes in an efficient way, this is why they have chosen Rehab Guru.

Data Protection and GDPR

Rehab Guru are a British company based in the UK. Our primary data centre is in London and primary servers are also UK based. Rehab Guru also provides several enterprise organisations (such as health insurers, private hospitals, military and private practices) with dedicated infrastructure within their own chosen jurisdiction. By default all data is held in the UK unless otherwise specified. Rehab Guru are registered with the UK Information Commissioners Office (ZA390289) and are committed to providing world leading data protection and privacy to our customers and their patients / clients.

For an in-depth look at Rehab Guru's GDPR policy, see here. Further information about information and data security can be seen below.

Data Security

Rehab Guru hold numerous certifications and accreditations which demonstrate our commitment to data security. Our service infrastructure, practices and processes have been heavily vetted and exceed even the most rigorous scrutiny from organisations such as the NHS and Ministry of Defence, both of which use Rehab Guru with confidence.

Patient data is encrypted throughout transit and at rest to industry best practice standards (AES-256). All communication between Rehab Guru's Apps, websites and servers is performed over a secure and encrypted network (note the padlock in the address bar of this website for example) ensuring all your data in secure and remains private.

The information above has deliberately be kept jargon free, however if you wish to deep dive into Rehab Guru's certification, data security practices and policy, please view:

Trust centre

Rehab Guru's Information Security

Where to get help?

We understand that using technology for exercise rehabilitation can be daunting at first, however there are a number of resources to help you get started.

If you still have questions, you should approach your exercise prescribing clinician / organisation. If your question is technical in nature or your have found a fault with Rehab Guru's systems or services we welcome contact in the form of a support ticket, which can be performed at on the support website.

What Rehab Guru cannot help with

As highlighted above in the data protection and data security sections, we take privacy, information security and confidentiality very seriously. Because of this, the Rehab Guru support team are unable to offer advice on the following:

  • Advice on the exercises, reps, sets or other parameters or any medical / clinical questions - these questions must be directed to your clinician and not the Rehab Guru team, we are unable to help with injury or programme specifics.
  • Re-sending exercise programmes, providing programme ID's or client pin numbers - Rehab Guru are unable to comply with such requests are we do not have permission to access the your clinician's data. Requests for lost information must go to your programme issuing clinician.
  • Respond to patient data Subject Access Requests - in accordance with GDPR, you have the legal right to request a copy of the information that is held on you by the Data Controller. As a patient, your data controller is the person who issued you an exercise programme, not Rehab Guru. Our GDPR Policy highlights the difference between a Data Controller and Data Processor. Rehab Guru are the Data Processor on the behalf of the Data Controller, which is likely to be the individual clinician or their organisations.
  • Injury advice - Despite having a number of physiotherapists and clinical experts on our team, we are unable to offer injury advice or diagnosis. It should also be made clear that Rehab Guru is not a self-directed, or self-help system. All exercise programmes should be assigned to you by a trained professional.


Accessibility is something that we take very seriously and constantly strive to ensure content is accessible for all. Rehab Guru's accessibility statement can be found here. If you have issues, concerns or feedback on accessibility, please contact us (see contact section below).

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