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David Barrow
Rehab at First Contact
With the epidemic of lifestyle health problems primary care professionals are now seeing careful consideration is required in how people are advised...
Read more 11 Jun 2019
David Barrow
Is Nigel Farage Milking the NHS
This week, a member of the British public threw a milkshake over the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. It is unclear at...
Read more 26 May 2019
Simon Taylor
Five Reasons why you need to use Digital Exercise Prescription Software
Exercise programs come in a number of guises, ranging from hand-drawn stickmen to high definition video and smartphone apps. Most clinicians uphold...
Read more 20 Apr 2019
David Barrow
Rehab Guru's New Mobile App Is Released On Android & iOS
Throw away stickmen drawings or printed programmes forever and take your clinic to the next level with the powerful new features to...
Read more 02 Sep 2018
Simon Taylor
Advanced Programming Features
As a company we've always trusted the opinion of our users, your feedback has allowed us to move forward and add new...
Read more 25 Aug 2018
David Barrow
Pelvic Health Exercises Are Now Available On Rehab Guru
Over the last year Rehab Guru has been working closely with pelvic health specialists from England and Scotland to develop the exercise...
Read more 08 Aug 2018
David Barrow
The Paradigms of Rehab & Medicine
Rehab and Medical Practitioners across the world dedicate their weekend, time and salary to the pursuit of learning new skills, knowledge and...
Read more 13 Jun 2018
David Barrow
The paradigm of placebo
In 1955, Henry Beechers published ‘The powerful Placebo’ in the Journal of American Medical Association and he outlined the difference between placebo...
Read more 12 Feb 2018
David Barrow
Are standing desks just the next fad?
Stand up desks are somewhat of a popular feature in the offices of some companies and schools who are progressive at supporting...
Read more 25 Sep 2017
David Barrow
Increasing stride length for running
The issue of stride length is something that has been battled against for a long time. Usain Bolt has a stride length...
Read more 05 Apr 2017
David Barrow
ITB Syndrome
The medical explanation of this is often of a short or stiff iliotibial band, and huge amounts of time are invested in...
Read more 20 Dec 2016
David Barrow
Evidence Based Practice
How often do we see a new paradigm break through the world of exercise and rehab with marketing and sensationalised hype? They...
Read more 24 Oct 2016
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