Request imaging scans from within Rehab Guru

Request imaging scans from within Rehab Guru

We have teamed up with to streamline your scan scheduling experience. We help you quickly find a scan center that fits your needs, location, and budget.

Request imaging scans from within Rehab Guru

We have teamed up with to streamline your scan scheduling experience. We help you quickly find a scan center that fits your needs, location, and budget.

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A paradigm shift in imaging referral

We have teamed up with to streamline your scan scheduling experience. is a market-leading medical imaging booking platform that provides a quick and easy referral of your clients for private MRI, ultrasound, and CT scans nationwide at over 150 imaging centres.  

We listened to your struggles. The admin burden placed upon you when you want a radiological investigation for your clients; writing a referral letter to the client’s GP/family doctor; the client waiting for a delayed appointment with their GP; the delays in the booking and the delay to appropriate client management!  

Rehab Guru and have worked hard to offer you this fantastic service, allowing you and your clients to receive reassurance and the chance to make a clinical decision far quicker than you could before. This will enable you to take back control of the client management and improve the service you provide with a thorough, timely and client-centred service.

Say goodbye to written referrals.

For many AHPs, requesting a scan requires a written letter to your client’s GP requesting a referral for imaging. This is both time-consuming, labour-intensive and frustrating for all concerned, not least for the client, who is not in control, lacks information and often waits months for their scan. The model changes all this. Requesting a scan for your client is quick and easy, all from the Rehab Guru dashboard. Only three pieces of information are required to book a scan. These are scan type (ultrasound, MRI, CT), date of birth, and additional information. This information is securely sent directly to the team for processing – see ‘the step-by-step process. All of the questions relating to safety and appropriateness are dealt with by the expert clinicians at

Step by step process

This integration between Rehab Guru and aims to save administrative time and provide an incredible patient experience. The end-to-end process of booking a scan can be seen below. The clinician only has two steps to perform. The rest is down to the imaging experts and your client. This process solves many of the past pain points of traditional imaging referrals.  

This process ensures that:  

The step-by-step process of requesting scans with Rehab Guru's integration

To start using the integration, you need a Rehab Guru subscription. It only takes seconds to get up and running to use our sign click integration process. Watch the video below to see how fast and easy the integration process is. If you prefer a written guide, click here.

Additional information

We understand that this feature is a paradigm shift in requesting scans, and it may seem too good to be true. We expect you’ll want to learn more about the process and steps involved before jumping in with both feet, so we’ve provided a list of resources for you. 

Rehab Guru Imaging Feature Page – Our feature page contains a wealth of information and FAQs on the integration. - The website provides you with all you need to understand the company, 

Rehab Guru Support – Our support page provides a step-by-step guide on connecting the integration and submitting your first referral booking.

The story - started this journey with a singular focus in mind: making medical imaging scans easier for people to find, schedule, and understand.’s mission is to make medical imaging accessible and effortless.Their story began in 2017, when osteopath Jasper Nissim and consultant radiologist Dr Khalid Latief noticed the inefficiencies of arranging scans for their patients. When people were concerned about their health, they didn’t want to be told ‘you’re on a waiting list,’ or ‘you’ll hear back soon.’

Together with Charlie Bullock (CEO), Oliver Knight (COO) and Joe Daniels (Head of Front-End and UX), they built National MRI Scan - a web referral service to seamlessly connect patients to a nationwide network of private MRI scanners.

Within 5 years, National MRI Scan became the UK’s largest diagnostic imaging platform, with multiple imaging modalities, over 150 partner scanning centres, a wealth of patient-focused resources, and a team of experienced clinicians providing referrals and patient care. 

In 2022, National MRI Scan rebranded to and launched their innovative booking solution in the United States and Germany. In the UK, they also created a referral portal and connected integrations through trusted partner platforms for allied health professionals (AHPs) to access medical imaging in the course of treating their patients.

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We offer a 30-day full-featured free trial (no credit card required) and excellent value for money if you’re not yet up and running with Rehab Guru (no credit card required). If you already have an account and need a trial extension to try out this new integration – reach out to us at, and we’ll give you an extension, no questions asked.    

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