Rehab Guru’s New Telehealth Platform

We've worked tirelessly to bring our users a platform that drives digital exercise prescription forwards. We are happy to announce our Telehealth platform that offers a paradigm shift in how our users can deliver their care.

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Rehab Guru’s New Telehealth Platform

Since the beginning of 2020 our development team have been quietly working on some amazing new features for Rehab Guru. We released some teasers on Twitter for what we’ve got in store, however until now our Telehealth offering has been kept secret.  

Over the last two weeks we’ve seen the world responding to the COVID-19 pandemic which has motivated our team to work tirelessly on the video calling features in order to offer our users a way to continue delivering care to their patients remotely.  

Across large amounts of the world, medical centres, clinics and hospitals are closing doors to non-essential cases, causing an abrupt end or significant change to the quality of care delivered. This should be no surprise given the trends seen in schools, local businesses and government organisations.

Many of Rehab Guru’s customers are self-employed professionals or small and medium sized businesses, whose livelihood relies on a continued trade.

We witnessed an immediate reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic with financial markets falling over the last few weeks and the risk to our economy may depend on businesses staying open, patients being able to recover and return to work, from home or in the work place if they perform essential work duties.

Rehab Guru has delivered a well-polished exercise prescription workflow over the last two years. However, until now it lacked the pre-appointment and remote-appointment aspects. I spoke about our desire to ‘elongate the care pathway’ in an interview with Yianni Serpanos on the Reimagining Healthcare Podcast last year.  

Ensuring Rehab Guru provides therapists with the tools they need for pre, during and post appointment is central to the service we offer and is evident in the release of our telehealth platform which will be soon joined by our questionnaires, outcome measures and goal setting features.

As part of our response to COVID-19 and Beta status of this Telehealth, we are pleased to offer this feature to all Rehab Guru Pro customers and offering a 6-month 50% discount for new customers joining the Pro plan using discount code TELEHEALTH.

Introducing Telehealth

Telehealth allows a simple one click connection to your client who joins the video call from the Rehab Guru Client app on iOS, Android or Web. We have worked to make this process quick and easy, essentially making the connection a ‘1 click process’, shown below from the clinician and client perspective.

Ready to get started?

Follow this quick start video for a brief overview of how telehealth works. Further information can be found on the telehealth support page.

Scheduling appointments

We understand many of our users have an existing workflow / clinic management system for scheduling and patient appointments and we do not wish to reinvent the wheel. We make things simple by giving each of your clients their own meeting room to connect to. This allows their own meeting room link to be shared via email before their appointment.

Notice we have included their own meeting room code which can be used on the Client App entry screen or if they have been prescribed a programme from you before they can join this meeting from within the Client App by following these instructions.


As mentioned previously, this feature is in Beta and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we wanted to offer this service as quickly as possible. With such agile development there is undoubtedly going to be some teething issues and feedback. We would value your support and constructive feedback via our support portal at  

Simon Taylor

Rehab Guru Co-Founder
A former Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) in the Royal Air Force (RAF). He went on to compete for Great Britain in Modern Pentathlon. He is now an RAF Training Officer. As the CTO he leads the engineering team at Rehab Guru.