Announcing Rehab Guru 5.0

Announcing Rehab Guru 5.0

A whole host of brand-new features to supercharge your workflow and boost productivity.

Announcing Rehab Guru 5.0

A whole host of brand-new features to supercharge your workflow and boost productivity.

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A whole host of brand-new features to supercharge your workflow and boost productivity. New features include:

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) - here is the important stuff!

This is a long blog post, and we’ve got lots to share with you! However, if time is tight, please take note of the following key points:

Pain and Wellness scores are not requested by default anymore, and you can now choose what you want to measure and when you want to measure it, which means if you’re going to measure pain, wellness, breathless, fatigue or any of our new outcomes you need to set it on the publish page – click
here to learn more.

A new smart portal has been released, allowing reporting measures to be added from the web app and the mobile client app – click
here to learn more.

New Client reporting page on the client details, no need to view data for each programme anymore – click
here to learn more.

Advanced Client Outcome Reporting and Filtering

With the addition of new reporting measures, we can help to enhance your clinical decision making to a whole new level – here are some of the great things you can now do:

Advanced reporting goes much further than displaying your client’s reported data in chart form. You can also use the data to filter your client list based on the parameters you would like to look for. For example, you can do that with the client list filtering features if you would like to see all the clients who have reported an average pain score of over 6/10 within the last week. This opens up some fantastic opportunities for the remote management of larger caseloads with greater insight into how your clients perform between appointments. Alternatively, offer earlier F2F appointments when clients are struggling rather than having to wait, manage your caseload in a way that helps your clients.

New Outcome Data Measures

Traditionally Rehab Guru offered the ability to track a patient Pain and Wellness scores using the mobile client app, but not track anything else or allow patients to track their progress on the client portal ( All that changes with the release of version 5.0, where we have added the following outcome data measures:

You can also choose what you want to measure and when you want to measure it. These options include Before or After every Session, Exercise, Day, Week or Programme. These options open up a whole new set of possibilities for tracking patient-reported outcomes and allow you to make data-led clinical decisions like never before. These outcomes offer huge flexibility, so don’t be fooled into thinking that these outcome measures are related only to cardiopulmonary, chronic pain and elderly care. Early feedback for the MSK therapist who loves S&C has used RPE, fatigue and load to calculate reps in reserve, providing high-quality bespoke rehab programmes for their athletes and clients. Even if you are still a lover of pain and wellness, our system offers such flexibility, and we are confident that you’ll love it!

Here is a video of how the new reporting measures can be set on the publish page

Programme Duration and Frequency

Assigning a programme duration has several benefits, including setting the specific days a client should perform their programme and accurately monitoring the patient's compliance with the programme.

Smart Portal

Our new smart portal allows you to open a client’s details and see average and detailed feedback on their outcomes. Your client’s smartphone application is capable o monitoring all these outcomes, and we bring this to the Web in an easy to view layout. This means that your clients can click a button in their email to launch a website that includes outcome tracking functionality.  Including tracking all our new reporting measures when requested (e.g. before the session, after each exercise – see New Outcome Data Measures).

Auto Calculating Smart Forms

We have added a few new features to our ever-popular form builder, including Information, Formula, and Matrix. These new fields allow you to re-create even the most complex outcome measure questionnaires and surveys. To do this, we have built an advanced configuration option (yes, our technical experts have been hard at work) into the form builder that allows numeric values to be assigned to text-based responses, enabling calculations to be made on the client's response. Additionally, you can mark a field as an ‘Outcome Measure’ to appear on the client reporting page as a measure you are particularly interested in monitoring.

This all sounds very complex, so here is the video to explain more about how this works:

New Form Builder Fields

We’ve added three new fields to our form builder, which extends its functionality and provides you with increased flexibility. The new fields are: 

Formula - use the formula field to calculate data from a patient form. You no longer need to calculate your outcome surveys manually, you can save time by having the totals auto-calculated for you. 

Information - This allows you to display additional direction or outcome copyright information on the patient-facing form. Simple, but darn useful!

Matrix - A Matrix field allows you to have multiple options along the x-axis and further options on the y axis, creating a grid (see image below). This is a common question type on questionnaires and surveys, and we’re pleased to offer it as part of our form builder.

Rehab Guru Form Builder Matrix Field

As we extend the capabilities of the form builder, it continues to open up even more possibilities. We’re always amazed by what our customers are creating with our flexible patient forms, your imagination only limits you. If you ever find that you cannot build what you need, we would love to hear from you to continue developing these features into what you need.

Microsoft Single Sign-on for Enterprise Customers

We’ve simplified the process of enterprise-scale rollout and user management by integrating Microsoft’s Active Directory authentication. This allows users to register and sign in to Rehab Guru through the Office 365 portal, using your business username and password. No need to remember another username and password. Simply connect through your organisations secure authentication system.

Leveraging an authorisation platform as trusted as Microsoft provides peace of mind for your business while simplifying things for your users.

Zoom Integration

We listen to our customers, and you wanted to bring your preferred telehealth services to Rehab Guru. We’ve integrated Zoom first, and we will add more platforms in the coming months.
We’ve spoken previously about choosing an online meeting platform for your online consultations, highlighting that the choice is yours. Just remain informed and perform due diligence to ensure your and your patient’s privacy before choosing a service – but ultimately, the option is yours, and we’re here to make your lives easier.

More to come

While version 5 has just been released, we’re already hard at work, developing the next great thing. Please keep in touch on social media and on our feature page to continue to build what you need.

Simon Taylor

Rehab Guru Co-Founder

A former Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) in the Royal Air Force (RAF). He went on to compete for Great Britain in Modern Pentathlon. He is now an RAF Training Officer. As the CTO he leads the engineering team at Rehab Guru.