Globally Connected
Globally Connected

Because speed matters

Because speed matters

Focus on delivering a great service

While we take care of your technology

Lightning fast servers

We maintain our own servers which have been specifically chosen for the delivery of a blisteringly fast service. We constantly monitor it to see if we can make it faster. Every millisecond counts!

Geo-Located Servers

We distribute our servers around the world to ensure you always have one nearby. We synchronise data across this network to ensure performance. Yes, it's a little obsessive, but we care about performance.

Industry standard security

Every connection, every record, secured

  • SSL

    SSL encrypted servers with 99.9% availability, redundant backups and DDoS mitigation to take care of your data. Data is always encrypted, in transmission and at rest.


    We use several tools to continuously monitor our network to ensure that it is running optimally. If there is any abnormal activity we are alerted immediately so, it can be rectified.


    Because we have several servers and replicate your data over many regions around the world, it is always safe from whatever disaster might happen.

We are here to help

Go ahead ask us anything

  • BLOG

    We keep a blog on the site to keep all our users informed about the new features, which are rolling out weekly. It is also a great place to find interesting articles from guest writers and the latest research in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


    Within our Web App, Beacon is always on hand to offer you help at the touch of a button. We don't redirect you to our support documents on another website; we give you them on the same page. This seamless experience means that you can follow along without switching browser tabs. 


    To get in touch with one of our support staff simple send us a support ticket explaining the problem. It is highly likely that you’ll get a response to your question within an hour. You should get a response within an hour and we aim to resolve all issues within one day. 


    One of the easiest ways to learn how to use Rehab Guru is by following our video tutorials. There is a growing library of these. They show you everything you need to know and how to get the best out of Rehab Guru.

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